Remembering the wild & sacred Self is an act of love.

Moon Body was created by Miriam Ropschitz – a writer, women's work facilitator and menstrual and sensual educator. She is a Jewish women of Eastern European and Middle Eastern descent born in Somerset, England. She has spent the last decade studying, practising and eventually teaching feminine reclamation work and embodied spiritual practices. Leaving her life in the UK as a magazine writer in her mid-20s, she spent the next 7 years living between a tropical island in the Gulf of Thailand and India, devoted to her tantric sadhana. 

Since her first bleed, she experienced difficult menstruation. After 6 years on the pill, she initiated her own journey of healing. She studied and experimented with plant medicine, herbalism and animist rituals and cured herself. She discovered the shamanic power of the menstrual cycle and realised menstruation is a vital aspect of women's health. ​

Her years on the island were spent in silent retreat, alone, in her house on a deserted hilltop overlooking the ocean. She sat many times with the grandmother plant teacher, Ayahuasca. Later, she began teaching at one of Thailand's premier healing centres. This is when Moon Body was born.​

Miriam has a deep affinity with the wild. Part of her work is in reacquainting women with the wild within through menstrual healing, pleasure reclamation and the activation of their soul magic. She is currently based in Portugal with her animal friends, a full herb garden and is blessed to work with women from all over the world. 


Miriam Ropschitz

"Moon Body's practices offer women who are tired of the dysfunctional modern paradigm a new way of living – one that is attuned to their body's cyclical wisdom and built upon a loving + reciprocal relationship with the earth.

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