Welcome to the Moon Code, beauty.

Buried beneath the linearity of modern life, cyclical wisdom pulsates. Although this wisdom has been buried, for menstruating people it's the key to unlocking the eternal mysteries of the Self.

Are you craving a more embodied form of spiritual practice?

Are you curious about the ancient feminine mysteries?

Are you ready to embrace a new way of life that doesn't believe in force and exhaustion?

Would you like to heal PMS and period pain and learn to love your cycle?


Did you answer 'Yes'?


Then read on...

Welcome, dear one.

So many of our spiritual traditions tell us that the path to know thy Self is one of transcendence and sublimation; that our root energy needs to rise up to the sky.


But for us menstruating beings, to seek only the sky is to forget that our root is where the medicine lives...


That the way through is in.


That the way through is down.


It’s the black, fragrant earth calling us home to her darkness, where all life begins.


It’s the underworld beckoning us towards our heroine’s journey of descent, which begins on our knees, bowing to the mystery of creation.


The Moon Code teaches us to decode the symbols of the menstrual cycle through earth and body wisdom practices.


It’s time to remember that our bodies hold the answer.


You won’t find it in those dusty man-made books that tell us our flesh and blood are sinful.


All along it was here, at our sacred roots.

The Moon Code is a way of life that brings menstruating beings deep into the wisdom of their cycles. It combines the feminine mysteries with somatics practices, meditation, journalling, herbalism and divination.


In this 3-hour journey, we spiral through the inner-seasons of the menstrual cycle, revealing how the medicine of each phase can be activated and embodied through unique and accessible practices that change with us throughout the month.

The Moon Code is vital wisdom for menstruating people who are hungering for paths that honour their root and searching for embodied spiritual practices that welcome and celebrate all of them. 


Included with the Moon Code online course are:

* lifetime access to the course video content

* the Moon Code workbook

* 4 audio mediations (click for a preview)

* a movement/breathwork practice for each inner-season


...to support you in integrating the wisdom of the Moon Code into your life!

learn a new way of being

During the workshop, you'll be listening, breathing, moving and remembering.

  • Learn breathwork and movement practices to support you throughout your cycle.

  • Understand how to extract the medicine of each of the four phases of the menstrual cycle.

  • Learn which herbal allies to call on for support at each phase.

  • Discover how the four doors of your inner seasons each hold a unique route of spiritual inquiry.

  • Understand how to activate the power of ritual throughout your cycle.

You can expect to leave the Moon Code with a clear understanding of the ways you can adapt your life to align with the energies of your cycle, along with herbs, rituals and practices that will support you to move through each phase grounded and in grace.

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your host

Miriam Ropschitz is a writer, womxn's work leader and creatress of Moon Body. 

Ever since she was a girl, she was enraptured by the natural world and stories of mystic womxn and witches who inspired her to seek a life of truth.

She's spent the last decade studying, practising and eventually teaching earth and body wisdom for womxn+.

Known for her warmth and no-nonsense approach, her greatest joy is to support womxn finding their way back to their power, through their blessed bodies.


I joined the Moon Code by Miriam because I felt the need to connect to my femininity through my cycle. I had the urge to understand my cycle from a more spiritual side. And it was spot on! Ever since then I hardly ever struggle with PMS anymore. Thank you so much Miriam for sharing your wisdom and bringing lost knowledge back to us women.

Moon Code, Zurich 2019

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