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On Winter Solstice, we begin a 7-week heroine's journey into the underworld to meet the exiled Dark Feminine parts of Self and bring them home to wholeness.
Dec 21 - Feb 1







"Through and down is where the gems are found."

On her visit to the underworld, Goddess Inanna passed through seven gates.

At each gate, she was asked to shed a piece of clothing.

This course will ask you to shed things too...


At every gate, you'll be asked to drop what isn't you.

We were sold a lie... They told us:

Sex is sinful.

Our blood is shameful.

Rest is lazy.

Your feelings are too much.

The Dark Feminine teaches us:

Sex is sacred.

Your blood is powerful.

Rest brings rebirth. 

Your feelings are messengers.

Her wisdom leads us back to the women we were born to be...


... sacred, sexual, wild and free

This course is an invitation to own all that you are.
To embrace the raw power of your sexuality and menstrual cycle.
To compost limiting beliefs that have kept you holding back your magic from the world. 
Over seven weeks, guided by seven dark goddesses, we pass through seven gates of initiation.
While the world around us drops into winter, we'll descend to the underworld to find the treasures that only the Dark Feminine knows. 

For       weeks, we'll be guided by      dark goddesses through       gates of initiation





  • ​A 90-minute live online workshop on Monday evenings with (optional) sharing circle (recordings will be sent out after for those who cannot attend.)

  • Access to an online group for sharing/integration.

  • A pre-recorded 60-minute embodiment practice.

  • Course materials: books, articles and videos to read.

  • A ritual to honour the guiding Goddess of the week.


Every week, you'll receive the course content in an online course format. The course and content is yours to keep forever. 

The Embodiment practices are high-quality video recordings.

Week One: December 21

Goddess: Inana

In Week One of the course we work with Sumerian Goddess Inanna, learning how her heroine's journey of descent into the underworld can teach us to descend willingly into our own darkness to gather the treasures only the brave can receive. What triggers you? What parts of yourself do you find hard to face? How can we bring our disowned – or shadow – parts back up to the world of the living? This is our inquiry for our first week of our Dark Feminine journey.

Initiation: Dancing with the Dark

Embodiment Practice: Rooting into the Lower Body

Week One's practice combines breath, sound and movement to bring us into healthy relationship with the lower body, creating a foundation of grounding, self-holding and deep nourishment for the weeks ahead.

Gifts: Altar building. 

Learn how to create an altar for the Goddess.

Week Two: December 28

Goddess: Sekhmet

Initiation: Emotional Alchemy & PMS

Lion-headed Warrior Goddess Sekhmet guides us through the initiation of our deepest feelings. We learn how the emotions we've been culturally conditioned to repress are wells of Shatki, which hold immense erotic power when directed consciously.

Embodiment Practice: Energy clearing

Week Two's practice teaches us how embodiment techniques can be applied during moments of challenge to move what we're feeling through our bodies with sound. breath and movement. 

Special Guest: Malika Avani

Malika offers us a ceremony designed to process emotions, using her gifts as a musician, space holder and medicine woman.

Week Three: January 4

Goddess: Circe

Circe is the Greek goddess of sorcery and witchcraft, she features in many ancient tales which speak of her knowledge on herbal medicines. In this week we call on her to support us in uncovering our inner Witch, the priestess within – the one whose magic and mystical gifts we were taught to hide, but no longer can. Her power supports us to come out of the mystical closet and own our magical powers.

Embodiment Practice: Earth Wisdom

Week Three's practice is an opportunity to bring nature into our bodies with a beautiful sequence of earth and element veneration. Learn how to call on and make offerings to the air, fire, water, earth and ether through your practices. 

Week Four: January 11

Goddess: Lillith


Initiation: Sacred Sexuality & Forbidden Feminine Fruits

Cast out of Eden for refusing sexual submission, Lillith is the embodiment of unadulterated wild sexual energy. In Week Four, we examine our own relationship to our sexuality – the emotional, mental, physical and psychological aspects of it and ask how Lillith can illuminate any repression and free us from shame we've inherited from cultural conditioning. Learn to reclaim your sacred sexuality by developing your own  self-pleasure practice through sensual rituals.

Embodiment Practice: Sacred Breast Massage & Pleasure Ritual

We indulge our senses with a long and luxurious pleasure ritual including breast massage, sensual breathwork and gentle movement.

Week Five: January 18

Goddess: Hekate

Goddess Hekate protects women in childbirth and support creativity. This week we look at the art of birthing – beyond giving birth to babies. The feminine gifts of transmuting energy into matter comes deep from within the womb portal. Our creativity and its expression is directly linked to our life force and ability to co-create with life itself.

Embodiment Practice: The Sacred Gates

This week we explore how creativity is embodied. We work with the sacred gates of the cervix, womb and throat finding ways to clear the channel that allows the muse to flow through us. 

SPECIAL GUEST: Michaela Diamanti – 'Birthing & the Creative Void'

Week Six: January 25

Goddess: The Black Madonna

In Week Six, the Black Madonna guides us to examine our relationships with our sisters and race. The Sisterhood Wound causes us to view other women as competition, to judge, to covet and to miss out on the healing bond found in true sisterhood between women. We'll also look at how the sisterhood wound intersects with racial justice and feminism. We'll be guided to examine our own relationships with the women in our lives and to learn ways we can facilitate healing in fractures with our fellow women.

Embodiment Practice: Goddess Dance

This grounding dance practice brings us close to the pulsation of the earth, nourishing the womb and pelvis through the feet and legs. It enlivens us, moves our energy and any stuck emotions – and it's a whole lot of fun!

Week Seven: February 2nd

Goddess: Kali

In Week Seven, the Divine Mother Kali leads us with her sword of truth through a journey into the void. We learn about menstruation as a time of receiving visions and falling into the spaciousness of symbolic death. Learn how menstruation becomes a shamanic portal to deepen our spiritual gifts and receive practices and techniques to prepare for your bleeding time and attune with the menstrual energies of the month.

Embodiment Practice: Yoga for Menstruation + Yoga Nidra

A practice that is safe to do during menstruation on those days of your bleed where you feel like movement is medicinal and can relieve menstrual pain and discomfort, followed by a deep, relaxing Yoga Nidra journey into the subconscious mind.

Initiation: Birthing Your Creative Gifts

SPECIAL GUEST: Joss Frank – Women & Anti-racism 

Initiation: The Sisterhood Wound

Initiation: Menstruation and Death

Initiation: Owning Your Magic

Joss is a BIPOC Yogini and artist from Alberta.Her background is Metis (Cree and Iroquois), Black, and German. She offers womb yoga, healing circles, and private therapeutic yoga sessions for all women ready to show up in the world as their MOST authentic selves by embracing their feminine experiences, sexuality and creativity. Through her exploration of womb yoga, women’s circles, and creative & sexual expression, Joss found a unique approach which allowed her to connect to and shine as her most authentic self.


It is a profound honour to share the work of these talented sisters with you on this course. Each woman I have the honour of knowing personally and I have no doubt that you will receive deep medicine from their offerings on the course.

Malika Avani, The Healing Drum


Week Two:

 Grief & Rage Ceremony

 Malika is a creative consultant muse, documentary film maker and internationally recognised facilitator of soul songs alchemy and founder of 'The Healing Drum'. Her decade of study of community, tribal songs and stories has inspired her journey to connect to the varied landscapes of the Americas, from the Amazon jungle to the Andean mountains. She is a devoted weaver of communities through drum and song circles, sharing living practices that keep the inner waters of creativity and sensuality flowing.

 Your Host 

Miriam Ropschitz, Moon Body 

Miriam Ropschitz is the woman behind Moon Body and she will be teaching the main course content of Dark Feminine Medicine.

For the last 6 years she's been guiding women through initiations into their sexual and menstrual empowerment.

She is no stranger to the Dark Feminine and is passionate about sharing this potent wisdom with as many women as she can.

Through her own dances with the darkness, she knows that integrating the wisdom of the Dark Feminine into our lives holds the key for our deepest healing and wholeness.

Michaela is a mystic and a mother. She has always been deeply connected to the metaphysical realm & her teachings and experiences have shown her that this unseen realm is a bridge for the sacred initiations of life - birth, death and rebirth. She is an intuitive guide, and offers Soul Alignment Sessions, Biodynamic Touch, Sound Healing, Yoga and Meditation. She has been teaching in this realm for over 8 years, but feels like she has been walking this path for lifetimes. 

Michaela Diamanti, The Sacred Way


Week Five:

Birthing & the Creative Void

Joss is a dedicated yogini grateful to have been born in Treaty 6 (Sherwood Park, AB). Her heritage is Metis (Cree and Iroquois), Black, and German. She is the creatress of Wild Womb. Through a lengthy personal exploration of womb yoga, women’s circles, and creative & sexual expression with strong female leaders, Joss found a unique approach which allowed her to connect to and shine as her most authentic self.
Joss now helps women reclaim their feminine powers, so they can LOVE their bodies and embrace more confidence and inner-calm with their femininity.

Joss Frank, Wild Womb


Week Six:

Women & Anti-racism Work


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