Dark Feminine

Healing Keys

Online Workshop
Sat November 21  |  11am-12pm

Welcome love,

For many of us 2020 has been a year of chaos and endings.
Most of us have been taught to fear chaos, avoid change and to find death terrifying.
But there are other ways of being... our ancient ancestors knew them and the Dark Feminine is a potent teacher for finding our way back to them.
Consider this an invitation for you to get to know the Dark Feminine and learn how to work with her not against her as a pathway to accessing the gifts of your soul. 
The Dark Feminine is an energy pattern found both in humans, spirit and the world of plants, weather and animals. 
We meet her in the deep, dark, moist earth – where all life begins.
We meet her in the moments of frenetic natural energy in thunderstorms, floods and hurricanes.
We meet her within our own psyches in the raw, wild emotions of deep grief, holy rage and profound longing.
She is there in the cycles of life, death and rebirth.
She is there when everything falls apart. 

What is the Dark Feminine?

Women who grew up under patriarchy were taught to be nice girls.

Nice girls are taught to keep their dark feminine parts hidden.
The dark feminine is kryptonite to systems of oppression. To win at the game of power under patriarchy, the rules are clear:
Nice girls can struggle to grow up to become empowered women.
Many of us get stuck in what Sarah Durham Wilson calls "the wounded maiden archetype" – they've been so primed for their role under patriarchy that passing through the necessary initiations into mature womanhood is not possible.
They stay small; their darkness disowned. 
"Keep that deep, earthy, raw, wild magic tame.
Put the dark feminine back in her cage!"
The Witch of the British
We can trace the fear of the Dark Feminine back to the end of the Neolithic period when, between 4000 and 25000 BCE, proto-Indo-European tribes from the north of Europe and central Asia invaded western Europe and India.
These warring peoples worshipped a male sun god.
To them the moon- and Goddess-worshipping cultures were anathema. They destroyed their culture and imposed on them the fixation on solar consciousness.
With the rise in patriarchal monotheistic religion and the intersecting oppressive structures of capitalism and racism, fear of the darkness and fear of the wild aspects of the feminine prevailed.
The dark feminine as a healthy energy present in balance to her solar counterpart was no more. She was vilified.
All the fears and insecurities about women's erotic and life-giving powers were projected onto her.

The Dark Feminine in History

We rejected the Dark Feminine to survive.

But the truth is, we need her to thrive. 

Disowning aspects of Self is not healthy.
It causes fractures within our psyches. 
For women, the dark feminine holds the key to our healing.
She is medicine for a wild woman's soul. 
2. Regulate your nervous system.

Your root, gut & sex – your connection with the earth and your ancestors: this is Dark Goddess territory. Reconnection to these parts brings you closer to Her wisdom.

In this free online workshop, learn the

four healing keys of the dark feminine.

1. Learn to work consciously with challenging emotions.

Rage, jealousy, grief, longing, sadness, fear,

abandonment – all are doorways to the Dark Goddess. Don't let emotions swallow you; work with them.

In parasympathetic nervous system overdrive, we are reactive. Learning to self-regulate builds a foundation on which we can work with our most challenging emotions.

3. Re-inhabit your lower body.
4. Cultivate a relationship with the Dark Goddess.

Don’t wait until life is hard, build a relationship with the dark goddess when life is good. See the regenerative power in symbolic death and endings. Make offerings to Her.

Learning how to work with dark feminine energy and integrate her wisdom in your own life is a deeply healing process of reclamation... it's the work the world needs us to do.

Dark Feminine Healing Keys

Online Workshop
Sat November 21  |  11am-12pm

Your Workshop Host

My name is Miriam Ropschitz.

I'm the woman behind Moon Body.

I share ways of reclaiming wild feminine wisdom through earth and body practices.

This work is designed to support the return to your wild, rooted, sacred Self... to heal menstrual challenges, awaken sensuality and live connected to the soul gifts the earth longs for you to birth. 

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