Reconnecting Women with 

Earth + Body Wisdom 

The damaging effects of colonialism are vast. Most modern women are living in varying states of dis-ease brought about by intergenerational trauma, disconnection from nature, disembodiment and pressure to stay financially afloat in a capitalist world that makes us feel there isn't time to rest and play. 

This dis-ease manifests in the prevalence of menstrual and fertility challenges; in our disconnection from pleasure and our inability to mature into a healthy embodiment of the feminine with access to our soul gifts. 

When menstruation becomes a burden to us, our energy leaks out. When our life force is wasted on heavy, long bleeds and PMS, we become distracted from the path of our soul and have fewer resources to walk it. When we can't access our pleasure, a part of our soul remains hidden. When we are unable to share our gifts with the world, our life remains unfulfilled. 


We Believe that Re-connection to Our

Menstrual Cycle Can Change the World

Being able to hear and feel the delicate changes in our energy throughout the menstrual cycle lets us hone our inner awareness and feel more at home in our bodies. It is a defiant roar against the fast pace of the modern world.



When We Begin To Look Inside Our

Ability To See the Outside Transforms

Healing menstrual challenges and reconnecting with our pleasure inevitably leads us to healing relationships with living relatives, ancestors and more-than-human kin. As we inquire into why our family holds the patterns they do, we can begin to address the root causes and send the healing all ways.



Our Relationship With Our Body

Mirrors Our Relationship With Earth

To live from a place of true connection we must learn how to be in harmony with the land once more. Moon Body's practices encourage every woman to grow her own herbs and food, offer her blood back to the earth in a ritual and finds way to build reciprocal relationship with the land and its spirits. 

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