In this one-to-one session you'll learn how to heal menstrual and/or fertility challenges through gentle, holistic detoxification.

The Moon Detox is designed for you based on your individual constitution and is safe, simple and easy to do, no matter your detoxing experience.

Following the wisdom of Arnold Ehret's mucus-free philosophy, we move through stages of the cleanse slowly, giving you time to transition at your own pace.

You'll receive a detailed questionaire to complete, including information about your intentions with the cleanse, any health challenges you're experiencing and any symptoms that may help us to uncover root causes.

In our session, we'll discuss the best ways for you to approach your healing protocol and I'll share tips on supportive practices to help you detox with the greatest ease possible.

After your session, you'll receive your personalised detox plan.

Throughout your detox, I am available for any questions and to offer support to you at any time.

You can read more about what happens in a Moon Detox over on the Journal.

Location: In-person or Online

Duration: 90 Minutes

Cost: 175 Euros

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