In this one-to-one session you'll learn how align your life with your menstrual cycle and heal menstrual challenges, such as PMS and period pain.

Location: In-person or Online

Duration: 90 Minutes

Cost: 175 Euros


Your menstrual cycle follows a unique monthly blueprint. When we understand how our energy flows in four distinct inner-seasons throughout the month, we can tap into our inner cyclical wisdom and begin to live in greater alignment with our truest, most-authentic Self, free up energy and tap into our feminine flow.

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Moon Mapping supports you to fall in love with your period.


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You'll receive a detailed questionnaire to answer and return to me including information about your cycle, your health and your general life habits.

In our session we'll talk about movement practices, nutrition, breathwork, meditations, journalling exercises and other tools for you to begin implementing your cyclical wisdom into your daily life.

You'll be asked to set intentions for the days ahead and together we'll explore ways in which we can walk towards these goals using the practices and techniques of Moon Mapping.

After our session, you'll receive your 30-page Moon Mapping guide with a write-up of your intentions and detailed information about specific practices to include when integrating the wisdom of your

cycle into your life.

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