Pleasure is a door  


Get Your Free Pleasure

Audio Meditation

Would you like to open the door of pleasure in your life?

Pleasure, my love is all about your nervous system.

When we think about pleasure, many of us think about penetrative sex.

If that's what comes to your mind, can I invite you to rewind a little bit?


To soften around the edges and start to look at pleasure from a different view point?

Pleasure begins way before sexual contact and the more we develop our relationship to non-sexual pleasure, the more refined, deep and enhanced our sexual pleasure actually becomes.

In a culture where many of us are chronically overstimulated by technology and caffeine and violent films and constant advertising, consciously redefining our relationship to pleasure can be a deeply healing and spiritual endeavour.


The more we develop our capacity for subtle pleasure, the more we expand our capacity for deep pleasure.

The more frequently you allow yourself to stop in the street and notice the scent of the rain on the tarmac/ the smell of your lover's skin/ the way your sheets caress your soft body/ the smell of the ripe peach as you lift it to your mouth... the more we open the door to pleasure in our lives.

Below is a simple 10-minute audio meditation for you to practise opening to more pleasure.

It's best enjoyed lying down or sitting in a quiet place with some candles lit and a warm blanket covering your body.

I hope you enjoy this doorway to more pleasure in your life.

For more in-depth pleasure offerings, you can check out Moon Body's Jade Egg online course here.

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