A Rooted woman...

Knows who she is on a soul level.

Is connected to the root of her body, her sexuality and her ancestors.

Sometimes gets knocked off her centre, but has the tools to find her way home.

Has endless practices at her fingertips for self-healing and pleasure.

Is here to live her very best life.

She wants the best for herself and for everyone around her.


She creates regular space to nourish herself on all levels.


Is connected to spirit, the earth and her community.


Is following her sacred life purpose.

... a Rooted woman will change the world. 

Welcome, love...

I imagine that if you've found me on this wild web, you've been called here by the pull of the unknown and already know a little bit about me.

I'm a woman who spent the last decade on a journey of soul reclamation and all that I've learned along the way is what I'll be sharing with you in our coaching sessions. 

In the Rooted coaching programme, I offer you my undivided presence. I support you wholeheartedly to move through challenges, let go of old habits and step into new ways of walking your life path that are aligned with your soul purpose, your feminine gifts and the wild and sensual woman you were born to be.

This coaching programme is deep, intimate and transformational and it is my greatest pleasure to work with you.

You can receive 1-1 mentorship

with me for 1, 3 or 6 months.

Rooted: 1 Month

Rooted: 3 Months

Rooted: 6 Months

What will happen in our sessions?

Some modalities I draw upon in Rooted are:

  • Cyclical Wisdom + Moon Mapping: Letting the wisdom of your menstrual cycle reveal any areas in your life where energy is leaking out or where your psyche is calling to you.


  • Somatic Practices: Creating daily movement + breathwork routines that support you in getting into your body and moving any stuck energy. 


  • Meditation + Mindset: Sometimes we'll need to go deep into your subconscious mind to rewire some of the stories that may be keeping you from living your full potential.


  • Sensual Alchemy: In a trauma-informed and well-boundaried way, we may explore ways to reignite your sensual fire.


  • Root-tending: Healing at the root of your body through meeting your ancestors, connecting to the earth through ritual, nourishing the pelvic floor with a jade egg and more. 


  • Radiance tools: Detoxification, beauty care, adornment, self-massage and many other practices applied daily to support you in embodying your beauty.

Your Coaching Package

Your Rooted coaching package includes:

1 x 60-minute coaching call every week.

Access to the Embodiment Video Library

(Featuring 20+ videos of breathwork, movement, sensual practices, yoga nidra, Yin Yoga, hatha yoga, meditations and more.)



1 x personalised audio meditation every month.

2 x card readings every month.

Access to my Whatsapp to share voice notes.

Cost 650 Euros
*Payment plan available

I support you in a transformational container for one month.

Rooted: 1 Month includes:

  •  1 x coaching hour every week

  • 2 x card readings a month

  • Access to Moon Body's video library (with 15+ embodiment practices in)

  • 2 x check-in phone calls every month

I support you in a transformational container for 3 months.

Rooted: 3 Months includes:

  •  12 coaching hours (1/week)

  • 6 x card reading (2/month)

  • Access to Moon Body's video library (with 15+ embodiment practices in)

  • 6 x check-in phone calls (2/month)

Cost 1,800 Euros
*Payment plan available
Cost 3,300 Euros
*Payment plan available

*Weekly or Monthly payment plans are available for all mentorship packages

If you feel called to work with me, the next step is to click the button below to answer the application and I'll be in touch within 24 hours. 


Mentorship Options

One Month

Three Months

Six Months



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